My name is Peter Randolph Catalanotte Jr.
Everyone calls me Randall or Randy, And
I'm 20 years old.

Catalanotte- "SInging in the night"

Lover of music
Growing musician
Gamer until death
Guitarist of Faceplant Harvey
Hopes to travel
Loves the little things in life
But doesn't hate the complex things

I love anything Jim Carrey, Robin Williams,
Leonardo Dicaprio does.

Lord of the Rings > Star Wars
Final Fantasy > Warcraft
Resident Evil > Castlevania
Zombies > Werewolves > Vampires
Gears of War > Halo or Call of Duty
Xbox > Playstation
Microsoft > Apple
Redvines > Twizzlers
Pokemon > Digimon
Donkey Kong > Mario

Italian, ergo my last name Catalanotte
Irish, ergo the paleness of my skin
Oh and Hopefully I'm part Hylian

Pittsburgh Penguins
Phoenix Coyotes
Anaheim Ducks

Orange County, California native
North East Pennsylvania prisoner


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